Our Vision 

This is an important moment in history.  Inequality is growing and millions are living with and fleeing from the effects of war, natural disasters, and political and economic injustice. Our consumption is causing the collapse of our planet and threatening the survival of future generations. In this time we need, more than ever, to honor Jesus' call to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Our vision is to be a diverse community of people who live out God’s calling to transform ourselves and the world. The work we do individually and collectively will not only address the immediate needs of the community around us but also work for systemic change that moves the world toward peace and justice.



Our Community 

We are a community of people from different races, places, orientations, and economic backgrounds. Many of us grew up in traditional churches and got to a place where they didn't work for us. Some never went to church and may not be sure what we think about God, but have a desire to explore spirituality in a safe, non-judgmental place. All of us have a desire to be in the community. 

We believe that everyone is beautiful with amazing gifts to offer the world. We also know that all of us are broken, with places in our lives where trauma, oppression, and our own flaws have held us back.  We welcome your beauty and your brokenness. 

We don't have all of the answers.  But, we are committed to working together to become whom God calls us to be individually and as a transformative and just community. 


What We Do

Since our goal is to live like Jesus we are working to make sure that everything we do together leads us toward that goal.

  • Study: To understand how we are called to live we study the stories from the Bible as well as human history and God’s imprint in creation to understand how things have been and how God wants them to be in the future. Our pastor is really great at helping us study an old text with fresh eyes. She keeps it real about where the text is challenging and we make space to folks to raise their questions and concerns.


  • Discern: We have a deep commitment to spiritual practice (prayer, meditation, yoga, etc.) as a way of helping each of us get clearer about who we are and whom God wants us to be. We know that each of us is different, so we offer concrete options to help you develop the practice(s) that will help you to grow.


  • Design: In design, you think first about how something is going to be used and then fashion it to achieve its purpose. While we honor the importance of tradition, we make choices about how to orient as a church based on what will help us to grow into what God is calling us to rather than just doing it as it has been done before. For example, our Sunday structure uses the latest facilitation approaches to help you not just hear a sermon, but process what you heard through journaling, drawing, and dialogue with other members of the congregation.


  • Act: God’s plan is for a radical shift in the world. That requires action.  We live that out in the work we do in our daily lives and in the way we work for public justice. Four times a year on the 5th Sunday have Solidarity Sunday. We go out into the world and stand with a community in need. From making food for the homeless to rallying for just immigration policy – we are committed to collective action for change.