Turahn Dorsey

Steward at New Roots

Turahn (Rahn) Dorsey is the husband of New Roots AME Pastor, Mariama White-Hammond, a member of the church's founding design team and currently serves on the steward board.  A proud Detroit native, Rahn has served Boston communities in a variety of capacities, most recently as the city's Chief of Education.  Rahn now consults with organizations seeking to expand high-quality educational opportunities and address income and wealth disparities in Boston.  Lastly, Rahn considers himself the Worship Team's "fifth Beatle."

Latoya Gayle

Steward at New Roots

Latoya Gayle is originally from Western Mass and lives in Dorchester with her husband Troy and their 3 children. Latoya is passionate about racial equity and educational access. She is a racial equity strategist and leads a local non-profit focused on education advocacy and increasing families' access to education opportunities. Latoya was drawn to New Roots focus on living like Jesus whom she calls a "rebel and social justice warrior, who was not afraid to challenge the system and social norms"

Troy Gayle

Steward at New Roots

Troy is originally from Springfield but currently, lives in Dorchester. He works in a local hospital as an engineer repairing medical equipment. Troy is a husband and father of 3 great kids.  He enjoys all kinds of techie/nerdy hobbies. He was drawn to New Roots simply because it was different from the norm.

Marianne Hughes

Steward at New Roots

Marianne was born in Scranton, PA and moved to Boston when she was four years old. Marianne’s heart and passion for social justice began at a very young age as one of the first VISTA (Volunteers in Service of America), in the country. Like so many of her generation, her life’s work was informed by the civil rights, anti-war, and feminist movements. Now semi-retired from her 20 years of service as Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC’s) executive director, Marianne looks forward to grounding her passion and activism for racial. economic justice, equity, and climate change, in the New Roots community, the neighborhood, and the city.  Marianne loves reading, art, design, yoga, cooking, walks by the ocean, and most especially hanging out with her six children and 9 grandchildren.

Rolando Lopez

Steward at New Roots

Rolando is an artist, writer, and educator based in Boston. Originally from a large family in Puerto Rico, in his household, his parents always played the music, combining both Puerto Rican and American music. Roland's childhood home was an eclectic musical library, and he fell in love with it all, and recklessly. Rolando began guitar and keyboard as a teenager. He came to Boston with the story of his people on his back, and his purpose is to share it through his words, his prayer, and his music, and in doing so to reflect back unto God's universe the inspiration and hope it has given him. At New Roots, Rolando has found a space of friendship and community. He is surrounded, humbled, and inspired by creative minds with ambitious souls and loving hearts, whose goals and values resonate with his. Every Sunday at Epiphany School, he gathers himself and becomes whole to begin the week with the cup overflowing in his soul. 

Jamie Mangiameli

Pastoral Resident at New Roots

Jamie Mangiameli is originally from the Chicagoland area, but moved to Boston in 2017. Jamie is passionate about viewing worship as a creative and collaborative posture. As a queer woman in ministry, Jamie is committed to the full inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons in the church and beyond. She finds joy in cooking, water coloring, reading, and being near large bodies of water.

Dalida Rocha

Steward at New Roots

Steward at New Roots Church


Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Founding Pastor of New Roots AME Church

Rev. Mariama founded New Roots Church in 2018. She is also an advocate for climate and social justice; speaking all over the United States. She is an avid runner, enjoys gardening, and being in nature.  

Sarah Wilfred

Steward at New Roots

A native of Boston, Sarah works as a teacher for Boston Public Schools. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, walking around the city, reading, and decorating her new apartment. Sarah was drawn to New Roots because of its sense of community and its new way of thinking about church.

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