What We Believe

Our Vision

This is an important moment in history.  Inequality is growing and millions are living with and fleeing from the effects of war, natural disasters, and political and economic injustice. Our consumption is causing the collapse of our planet and threatening the survival of future generations. In this time we need,
more than ever, to honor Jesus' call to love God and
 to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Our vision is to be a diverse community of people who live out God’s calling to transform ourselves and the world. The work we do individually and collectively must not only address the immediate needs of the community around us but also work for systemic change that moves the world toward peace and justice.

Our Core Beliefs/ Practices

New Roots is a community rethinking what church can be. We are theologically diverse but what unites us is a desire to live like Jesus.
We have made a commitment to 4 core things :

Consistent Spiritual Practice

We believe that we will not grow as individuals or a community unless we commit to daily practices, like prayer and meditation that help us to slow down, and create space to hear from God. We also commit to sharing these practices with one another so that we make collective decisions from a place of deep wisdom and not just efficiency.

Deep Community

We believe that humans are made to be in a relationship with one another, so we commit to spending time together, to laugh, sing and pray together. We endeavor to really get to know each other so that we can love, support and have accountability. 

Working for Justice

There are a lot of things in this work that needs to change. We commit to being a community of action. There are so many justice issues that we want to be present for from immigration to LGBTQIA+ inclusion. Right now, we are particularly focused on issues of justice in our community of Dorchester and we are being active on issues of gentrification and climate justice.

Living Into Liberation

God’s plan for the world is so radically different from how things are now and we need to imagine completely different ways of being with each other. Living into liberation is about exercising transformative creativity to create new systems and structures that reflect how we believe God would want the world to be. It can be everything from full inclusion of our children into our worship service to participating in new economic systems that share wealth more evenly. It is not just about righting injustices but creating new systems that reflect God’s vision of how we should live with each other.